In response to a 14-page community survey undertaken in February and March 2018, replies were received from 175 households. Households were asked for their views on traffic, pedestrian safety, transport, community gardens and green spaces and renewable energy issues as they related to the village.

The results have been submitted to both the North Berwick Coastal Area Partnership and to East Lothian Council (ELC). The North Berwick Community Area Partnership said it expects the results to determine its local priorities moving forward. Clarification is being sought on an initial response received from ELC.

The survey questionnaire was drawn up by the Climate Friendly Aberlady Planning Group (CFAPG) with support from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund. The CFAPG includes members from the Church, the Conservation and History Society, the Parent Council and the Community Association.

The survey follows a village event held in May 2017 to generate ideas which, with majority support from respondents, might be taken forward.

CFA – Summary Data – Presentation- 24 March 2018 (website2)

CFA – Aberlady Consultation – 2018 – Final

CFA – Survey summary paper for ELC – 28 May 2018