Aberlady Conservation and History Society was established in 2001. The Society aims to research, conserve and promote the village’s historic and natural environment. We do this by organising local archaeology and conservation projects, and by a monthly programme of talks, open to all interested.

The Village of Aberlady

Aberlady, situated 20 miles east of Edinburgh on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth, has a population of around 1,200 though that is set to increase with additional housing development to the west of the village in early 2018.

The village has a very long history. The Anglian Cross which stood here 1300 years ago is testament to its Early Christian origins and its links with Iona and Lindisfarne. The protected natural anchorage meant Aberlady was always a place of cultural exchange and trade. During the medieval period it prospered as a port and market town. Later, in Edwardian times, the village railway station (now Aberlady Caravan Park) heralded an influx of tourists from the city. Today, it remains an attractive destination for lovers of coast and country.

For more information on the village, please visit the Aberlady Community Association Website.